2019 Florida Brain Cancer 5K

Team List


Teams registered for 2019 Florida Brain Cancer 5K


Captain: Gina Melchionna

2 team members  

Accelerating the Cure 

Captain: Deana Martin

2 team members  

Al's Army 

Captain: Kara Clerkin

10 team members  

All for Dana 

Captain: Nicola Beddow

1 team member  

Andy's Army 

Captain: Kylie Wright

10 team members  

Annie's Army 

Captain: Liz Clark

8 team members  


Captain: Stefania Fernandes

12 team members  

Buddies For Life 

Captain: Joyce Higgs

1 team member  

Capt. Jack Strenges 

Captain: Mike Strenges

21 team members  

Fathers Fight for a Cure 

Captain: William Beaton

2 team members  

Fighting Falcons 

Captain: Jillian Gregory

43 team members  

Glioma Warriors for Adrian Teuscher 

Captain: Laure-Anne Cloutier

1 team member  

Greene Team 

Captain: Victoria Greene

22 team members  

In Loving Memory of Jessica Zayne Cohen 

Captain: Jason Cohen

21 team members  

iWalk for Jose 

Captain: Cristina Rosario

14 team members  

Jann's Joggers 

Captain: Michelle Granda

4 team members  

Joggin For The Noggin 

Captain: Taylor Snyder

4 team members  

Lou Larkin's Legacy 

Captain: Monica Russell

6 team members  

MollieRose's Crusaders 

Captain: Iris Zimmerman

4 team members  

Niru Patel Research Foundation 

Captain: Anuj Patel

12 team members  

One More Shot, Gary! 

Captain: Robin Kantor

32 team members  

Orangetheory Fitness Lake Worth 

Captain: Mary Stelnicki

8 team members  

Our Fighter Pirate 

Captain: Megan Outlaw

8 team members  



9 team members  


Captain: Samantha Plajer

5 team members  

Ragland Strong 

Captain: Kathleen Ragland

5 team members  

Running for Kelly McCarthy Squires, Raymond F. Voigt, and Terry Eady 

Captain: Elizabeth Mateo

2 team members  

Running For Rue 

Captain: kathy balliet

9 team members  


Captain: Greg Schnoor

4 team members  


Captain: Wayne Huizenga

112 team members  

Smallwood's 2019 

Captain: Hunter Cwalinski

11 team members  

Smiles for Life: Remembering Mike 

Captain: Daniela Abratt

10 team members  

Susan's Soldiers 

Captain: Scott Leaser

9 team members  

Taco Runners 

Captain: Jacqueline Santoro

5 team members  

Team Belcan 

Captain: Christian Ali

72 team members  

Team Bonnie 

Captain: Tammie McNamara

11 team members  

Team Celia 

Captain: Felicia Giordano

4 team members  

Team Cinderella 


21 team members  

Team Ethan 

Captain: Maria Maldonado-Arbelo

1 team member  



28 team members  

Team Levine 

Captain: Susan Levine

9 team members  

Team Lydia 

Captain: Jose Boria

7 team members  

Team Michael 

Captain: Andrea Enterlein

11 team members  

Team PBSO 

Captain: Denise Hyde

18 team members  

Team Super Pickle 

Captain: Nicole Godinho

23 team members  

Team Tarbet 

Captain: Maureen McNichol

8 team members  

Team Warrior - Jeff Snyder 

Captain: Kelley Cooper

13 team members  

Team Willebid 

Captain: Amy Munsterman

6 team members  

The Brainy Bunch 

Captain: Amanda Cooper

24 team members  

The Glioblasters 

Captain: Mike Lamagna

3 team members  

The InvestiGATORS 

Captain: Catherine Flores Drake

15 team members  

The New Hairlines 

Captain: Kristin Donnell

1 team member  

The Tello's 

Captain: Paola Munoz Tello

3 team members  


Captain: tamara siddiqui

16 team members  

TLC for TCL 

Captain: Micki Leventhal

21 team members  

Too Inspired to Be Tired 

Captain: Rosangeles Madriz

18 team members  

Walking For The Warlord 

Captain: Randi Berg

19 team members