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Every body's got a brain. Let's do everything we can to save them!

This photo was taken about 6 months before my mom's initial diagnosis. The last healthy photo I have of her.
This photo was taken about 6 months before my mom's initial diagnosis. The last healthy photo I have of her.

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Today in the US, 42 men, women and children lost their lives to brain cancer. It happened yesterday, and unless things change, it will happen again tomorrow.

My mom was one of those 42 people when she lost her battle to Glioblastoma on October 10, 2014. She was only 58 years old.

Jean Skarzenski Brisbin was raised in Pittsburgh, PA, and bled black and gold. She was a die-hard Steelers/Priates/Penns fan who knew how to scream, cheer, and talk trash with the best of them. She was a Navy vetran, serving honorably for five years. Jean was an avid gardener; always surrounding the house with bright blossoms. She was a very caring and supportive mother to both me and my younger brother. Jean was so many things but most of all she was my best friend and my biggest supporter.

I have committed to running the 2017 Pittsburgh Marathon as a part of Race Towards A Cure.  The money I raise will benefit cutting-edge brain cancer research through Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure and will get us one step closer to a cure! 

Because brain cancer is not as prevalent as other types, few biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies have been willing to invest research and development dollars.

ABC2 partners with scientists, physicians and drug companies to push the limits of science and technology.  They have awarded more than 100 grants totaling over $20 million to world-renowned researchers and physician-scientists from 54 institutions.

While basic scientific discoveries tell us more about cancer with each passing year, more than 90% of research stops at the financial “Valley of Death,” never to be translated from knowledge into new therapies for patients. Drug discovery and development can take 10 to 15 years. When ABC2 backed Genentech to get Avastin approved by the FDA for glioblastoma, it became the first new brain cancer drug approved since 1999.

Meanwhile, the median life expectancy of someone with glioblastoma is only about 18 months. That's just too short!

I can't do this without your help! Please consider supporting my efforts with a donation and join in the fight against brain cancer.  To make a donation, click on the "Donate" button to the right.

Thanks in advance for your support!  


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