Create a Team Button

Creating a Team — Signing up as a team captain and creating your own team is an easy and fun way to encourage all of your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors to join you on Event Day. Our team captains are the driving force behind this event and we encourage you to take on this fun challenge. 


Join a Team Button

Joining a Team — Many people participate with friends and families as members of a team. If someone in your group has already formed a team you can select to join that team during the registration process. If the team has not been created yet you will need to contact your team captain before registering, or create the team yourself during the registration process. RETURNING TEAM CAPTAINS CLICK HERE TO REACTIVATE YOUR TEAM

Register Individual Button

Registering as an Individual — While participating in the 5K as part of a team is definitely fun, participating as an individual can still be a rewarding experience. These participants get all the same benefits as members of teams including a personal fundraising page and event t-shirt. 


Virtual Participation Button

Registering as a Virtual Participant — If you are unable to attend the event, but would still like to be part of a team or help fundraise, then signing up as a Virtual Participant is a great option. Virtual Participants can even start their own team, perfect for groups of supporters that are out of town. Virtual Participants are not the same as donors, these are individuals who cannot physically be at the event but would still like to fundraise.  

Volunteer Button

Registering as a Volunteer — Signing up as a volunteer for the Florida Brain Cancer 5K is a great way to support the cause while helping to make the event happen. Event day volunteers do not have to pay a registration fee, but also are not able to participate in the 5K. If you would like to participate and volunteer, register as a participant and indicate on your registration form that you would also like to volunteer.  Click here to learn more about volunteering.

If you prefer to register offline, please download this form.