Collaboratively Advancing Brain Cancer Research in Florida

FCBTRWe have partnered with the Florida Center for Brain Tumor Research (FCBTR), established thanks to the tremendous efforts of former Representative Anne Gannon, to award over $1,000,000 in research grants to Florida based researchers. Beyond funding, we advocate for patients and the research community.  For example, when the state recently eliminated its funding for brain cancer research, we worked hard to ensure that funding was reinstated. We believe that finding a cure for brain cancer will take a team effort, so we bring together and engage brain tumor researchers, clinicians and patient advocates from Pensacola to Gainesville to Miami in order to strengthen Florida’s brain tumor research ecosystem.

This year, the FCBTR/ABC2 Grants Program received applications from researchers at six Florida centers, including University of Florida, Mayo Clinic, University of Miami, University of South Florida, Scripps, and University of West Florida.

“The Florida legislature is to be congratulated, again, on establishing a program, the Florida Center for Brain Tumor Research, which continues to bring the world’s best brain tumor scientists to our state,” said Dr. William Friedman, Chairman of Neurosurgery at the University of Florida. “It has been an honor to collaborate with ABC2 on this important scientific endeavor for Florida.” 

"We appreciate the opportunity to partner with FCBTR to build a world-class brain cancer research network in Florida," said Max Wallace, CEO of ABC2. "Thanks to the fundraising support from patients, families and loved ones participating in ABC2’s Florida Brain Cancer 5k, we’re able to commit significant funding directly into research that holds the potential to speed the discovery of a cure." 


Advancing Brain Cancer Vaccines in Florida

Moving forward, we plan to actively work with and support the University of Florida’s newly established Brain Tumor Immunotherapy Program. This program, which is being led by Dr. Duane Mitchell, is focused on advancing safe and effective cures for pediatric and adult malignant brain tumors by harnessing the killing power of the immune system to recognize and reject malignant brain tumor cells while leaving normal brain tissues unharmed.  The program aims to build upon the successful immune-based treatments being advanced in other cancers such as melanoma and apply those approaches to treat brain tumors.  Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure is committed to working with Dr. Mitchell and his team to speed the development of important new clinical trials across the state of Florida.

About Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure

Accelerate Brain Cancer CureWe believe a nimble, focused and aggressive entrepreneurial model will increase the number of therapies discovered and drive those therapies rapidly into the clinic. We have invested and granted over $20 million to provide researchers with the pivotal support they need to make critical breakthroughs. Since brain cancer affects a relatively small portion of the population, we recognize the importance of investing in the early stages of the drug discovery process in order to “buy down the risk” with our partners and to speed the progress of innovative new treatments. Our partners range from medical research centers to early-stage biotechnology companies to large multi-national pharmaceutical companies. Read more at

 We measure our progress through three metrics:

Leadership    We look for high risk, high reward research projects which might not move forward without our pivotal backing. 

Leverage       We actively co-invest with biotech companies, venture funds, and other nonprofits to increase the level of brain cancer funding.

Impact           Our work is focused on one, straightforward goal: Advancing effective treatments for patients with brain cancer.