2017 Florida Brain Cancer 5K Walk/Run

Team Cooper 2014
Team Cooper 2014

The Brainy Bunch


Here’s our story.

On a December morning in 2008, I crawl out of an MRI tube. Drive 5 minutes home. Walk up to our front door. Unlock the door. Open our door. Our telephone starts ringing. Caller ID spells out: Fernando Norona MD, my neurologist.

Later, that same morning, after a quickly scheduled appointment with Dr. Norona, I drive back home, open the door, see Amanda, choke back tears and mumble to her, “They could be wrong.”

Since that morning in 2008, they (two neuro surgeons, two neuro-oncologists, a radiation oncologist, a neuro pathologist, and three or four neuro radiologists) haven’t been proven wrong. Or in the that words my brain tumor buddy Brian once said to me, “At some point, some time in their lives everyone has cancer, they just don’t know it. You and me are different. We know.”

On Amanda’s page you can read how our family has grown and sadly shrunk over the past 7 years. With your help our family can grow again.


2016 will be the 4th year Amanda and I walk in the Florida Brain Cancer 5 K.  It  will be the 2nd year the Brainy Bunch Team walks, although the 3rd year for many of the team's members.

Please consider donating and/or walking with the Brainy Bunch, this March. 


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