2019 Florida Brain Cancer 5K

Great guys...
Great guys...

Fathers Fight for a Cure

Lets do all we can to help in the fight by raising money to fund research against this terrible disease! 

Richard Zhang, Rob Raymond, and Bill Beaton are the names of the fathers that we honor in Fathers Fight for a Cure (FFC). They all fought bravely against the dreaded Glioblastoma (GBM). We keep the fight alive to find a cure, in their names, because we must. Malignant brain tumors stop for no one. Brain tumors don't care if their victims are good, honorable parents, or cherished loved ones; they only seek to cause destruction and sadness.

Help us put an end to this by donating to find a cure.  Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure has "awarded more than $20 million" (up from $16 million in 2013) "...in brain tumor research funding to highly qualified research investigators and physician-scientists from 42 institutions." (http://www.abc2.org/research/projects)


Every penny counts. No donation is too big or small. Help join the fight and make a difference today. Click on the DONATE button now (upper right).

*****Special thanks to Erinn Schnur for being such an incredible fundraiser and brain tumor survivor. Erin is a survivor, walking with angels.******





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