2017 Florida Brain Cancer 5K Walk/Run

2016 Team Picture
2016 Team Picture

One More Shot, Gary!

January 2017

I very recently attended a warm, loving, spiritual celebration of a great man's life. Story after story, speech after speech, I heard his bride of 69 years say, "he would've loved to have heard that!" At that moment it dawned on me - every year I have had the privilege of paying tribute to the two heroes in my life, my father and mother, while they are still alive! I realized how special it is that my Daddy is able to physically hear how his 'Little Girl" feels about him. Thanks to the Florida Brain Tumor 5K, and all of you, I am afforded an opportunity to celebrate my parents, the lessons they have taught me and moments we have shared each and every year.

This year, on the 21st anniversary of my father got "One More SHOT," I share the top 21 "Gary-shooters." Each SHOT comes with a lesson, 'Gary-ism,' and/or fact of life, especially after you get "One More SHOT" at it! Below I am only listing my top 10. While I have 11 more, I'd love for each of you to share your favorite story, memory, "Gary-ism," or how his survival has kept you happy, bettering yourself and/or enjoying life! Just email me your reasons and I'll take care of the rest (even if you can't come up with a drink to match). Then, on the day of the race, I will reveal our menu of 21 "Gary-shooters!"

Please join me in TOASTING my father's 21st birthday by signing up to walk, run, either virtually or in person, by February 1st. We will ask all participants for t-shirt sizes by that date so we can get the shirts out earlier than race day.

And now ...

The Top 10 Gary-Shooters 

10. " Gin and talkie" Shooter (Gin and Vermouth - will get you going every time)
Gary-ism: Talk! Talk to your family, your friends, the stranger on the spin bike next to you, and always, always, talk to your bartenders! You will miss the best stories and greatest chances to help others if you don't talk and/or listen to others. No matter how outside your comfort zone it takes you, talk to the people you come across - it will lead you to the best bars, restaurants, people, places, and belly laughs you've ever had.

9. "Beer for the Belly" Shooter (generally light ale, from the rockies or low carb)
Life Lesson: Take time for your health and your happiness. Sometimes you have to stop, or something else will stop you. And while it's hard to stop when your are loving each moment like it's your last, you still have to listen to your body and go to a doctor!

8. Tequila Shooter (anejo required, chilled, no salt, no lime)
Gary-ism: Never miss a party. Drink, laugh, sleep, repeat. My dad wonders where my brother learned this ... Dad, you taught him!

7. Vodka Standard Shooter (on the rocks with a twist)
Life Lesson: Find something you love and dedicate your time and life to it.

6. Scotch @ 60 Shooter (only available under 60 degrees)
Gary-ism:Go with your gut - in a restaurant and in life - it's generally right in all areas.

5. Bartender Shooter (Say yes to a shot - of anything)
Gary-ism: NEVER lets the facts get in the way of a good story!

4. Coffee & Kalua Shooter (wait till it's cold and it will warm you bones, as forgiveness warms your heart)
Life Lesson: Forgive. Forgive others, not just because we are commanded to or it's healthy, but because everyone deserves a second (third, fourth,...) chance at life. No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone makes decisions and says things based on their own experiences - enlighten them, let them know what hurts and why, but always forgive and move on ... you never know when you may miss an opportunity to see or say something to them again.

3. Champs for Gramps Shooter
FACT: Grandchildren are the best gifts. I love that my dad honestly did not want to be called "Poppy" because he didn't think he deserved to carry on the name. Dad - not only have you honored my Poppy Sam's legacy; you have surpassed it for Gabi and Isaac. To them, you are the center of fun, laughter, love, and model how everyone should be treated.

2. Water Shooter (between every drink)
FACT: Family is a priority. Period.

1. Silver–tini Shooter (Grey Goose Martini, Blue Cheese Olives)
Gary-ism: Always find the silver lining - you have one chance at this life and if you are lucky enough to get a second, live it up! Find the good in every situation, even death. 


Will you join us as we TOAST 21 years of SHOTS at LIFE?!?!   You can sign up or donate here. 



Cheers!  Here’s to another, “One More Shot, Gary!”

Robin (his favorite – and only – daughter), Lee (squared), Isaac, & Gabi


H, S, L, M, J, & J ~ We love you and are honored to have shared time with your hero. Here's a toast to "One More Shot," for survivors and their families, everywhere!!! XXOO 

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