BrainABC2's Unconventional Approach

Brain cancer breakthroughs don't follow conventional wisdom. Neither do we. ABC2 partners with scientists, physicians and drug companies to push the limits of science and technology. We have awarded more than 100 grants totaling over $20 million to world-renowned researchers and physician-scientists from 54 institutions.

We're expanding the search for the cure by looking beyond a single field of research. New treatments need to be found, but an isolated scientist can only get so far; we need to drastically shift the attitudes and approaches to brain cancer research.

ABC2 breaks through the boundaries of academia, nonprofits, industries and other research fields to find the cure. To reach new treatments faster, we're helping our partners connect, learning from our failures and sharing one another's successes.

As venture philanthropists, we “buy down the risk” for researchers to connect with the companies that can develop new patient treatments. We have to push more research through that drug development “Valley of Death” before we can start learning from results — from successes and failures.

By challenging long-held attitudes about brain cancer research, we’re charting a more direct course towards the cure.

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